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Seedless Kishu Mandarins 9.3 lb box - for California

Sold out for now - check back next week
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Product Description


2018 KISHU MANDARINS  - Ship to California addresses

We have a limited supply of mail order Kishus for our 2018 season. This year, there's enough fruit and packing staff to ship to California only.

Here's a short version of why we must limit our Kishu mail order supply: Mail order Kishus must delivered on a tight and inflexible schedule, require a lot of time to manage customer service and are slower to pack. Then there's shipping into serious winter weather. We pack and sell most of our Kishus to wholesale customers and farmer's markets because we need flexibility to pull off the deal.

This tiny heirloom mandarin, originally from China by way of Japan, is our earliest mandarin. Kishus are totally seedless, deliciously sweet and super-easy to peel. There isn't a better tangerine.
Short season - available in late January-February only.
Churchill Orchard fruit is CCOF-certified Organic.

PRICE: $79.00 per 9.3 lb. box
             plus shipping (shipping rates listed below)
Looking for a bigger box of Kishus? Here's a link to our 23-lb carton.
Size note: Kishus range from 12 to 20 pieces to the pound.
Shipping to multiple addresses: Choose "checkout with multiple addresses" option when you start your checkout process.

CA $18 (FedEx Ground)

Due to our limited supply of fruit and packing labor, we're limiting Kishu shipments to delivery in the state of California.

If you're shipping to a frigid location, we strongly recommend shipping to an address where someone will receive the fruit and bring it indoors; in the past we've had fruit freeze on a doorstep and cannot be responsible if it does.