Kishus for California avaiable now - Organic Ojai Pixies and Avocados will ship in late March.

20th Jan 2018

Kishus for California: If you would like to order Kishus to be shipped to a California address, we're ready to take orders - California customers, we hope to serve you.

By serving California, the small packing crew we've been able to assemble will have more days to pack - because we aren't restricted to shipping on Monday only. We're very sorry not to be able to ship to you all this year.

There's been an uptick in interest in the Kishu. We have been contacted by many new folks that we would love to serve - but we don't have enough Kishus this year. 

Please read on, because our delightful certified organic Ojai Pixies and Hass avocados will be ready in late March and we'd love to ship you some.

We hope you'll consider trying our first tangerine love, the Ojai Pixie, when the fruit is ready in late March.

We also offer a Party Box - 6 lbs of Pixie tangerines and 4 lbs of our certified organic Hass avocados. It's a lovely spring treat.