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Mr Rintaro Makes a Citrus Parfait

Posted by Lisa B on 25th Apr 2024

When we saw it, we just went ga-ga over Rintaro's citrus parfait. We were consumed with longing to taste it. Yes that's some of our fruit in there. Sometimes it seems like the fruit leads a more … read more
A Spring Citrus Cocktail

A Spring Citrus Cocktail

20th Mar 2024

Our friend Jennifer Sherman loves the Oro Blanco. She shared her recipe for an Oro Blanco G and T:Juice of 1/4 Oro Blanco2 oz St George Botanivore Gin5 oz Fever Tree Tonic WaterGarnish with a mod … read more
Page Tangerine Granita

Page Tangerine Granita

Posted by Lisa B. on 4th Mar 2024

Granita is a frozen treat so simple, you really can make it. Page tangerines make wonderful granita - tart-sweet and beautifully bright orange. Fancy it up by serving it with a bit of v … read more

Wet Kishu Report - Jan 12

Posted by Jim Churchill on 12th Jan 2023

When creeks rise in southern California, dry beds become turbulent torrents. We put together a little video to show how storm flows look in the East End of Ojai. … read more

2023 Season Preview

Posted by Lisa on 27th Dec 2022

Welcome to Churchill Orchard's 2023 Season Preview - let us introduce ourselves.We specialize in certified organic seasonal citrus and avocado varieties, which means our offerings chang … read more