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Wet Kishu Report - Jan 12

Posted by Jim Churchill on 12th Jan 2023

When creeks rise in southern California, dry beds become turbulent torrents. We put together a little video to show how storm flows look in the East End of Ojai. … read more

2023 Season Preview

Posted by Lisa on 27th Dec 2022

Welcome to Churchill Orchard's 2023 Season Preview - let us introduce ourselves.We specialize in certified organic seasonal citrus and avocado varieties, which means our offerings chang … read more

Fall is a wonderful time at Churchill Orchard

Posted by Jim Churchill on 15th Dec 2022

Fall is a wonderful time at Churchill Orchard. Summer is over - summer's a hard time at the orchard, hot and kinda dull, with lots of repetitive walking of irrigation lines and checking on gopher trap … read more

2022 Kishu Pixie Harvest - interesting times report

Posted by Lisa B. on 11th May 2022

Our friend and farmer mentor Tony Thacher says it every year: "Every year is Different".There are patterns and cycles, sure - still: Every year adds new elements to the mix. Every year brings some los … read more

Spring flower show

Posted by Lisa B. on 27th Apr 2022

April is a glorious and fragrant time in the orchard. Fruit and flowers abound, and the air is delicious. April is also harvest time for Pixies, and most of our other varieties, so it's the busie … read more