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Webstore FAQ

Top Question: Why can’t I place advance orders for fruit?

We've learned from experience that taking mail orders too far in advance can be expensive for us. Sometimes Nature has other plans for our crop. So we wait until we have a reasonable chance of delivering.We always email our list before opening up for orders on an item. When you see "Add to Cart" on an item that means it's available.

Lost Your Password?
Use the "Lost Password" feature on the login page. If you need more help, please use this Contact Us link. 

Ordering Tips

Our webstore only accepts orders in season. We leave the items up all year long so you can see what we sell, but the store is “closed” most of the year. When you see "Add to Cart" on an item that means it's available.

Shipping to multiple addresses: Choose the "ship to multiple addresses" option in Step 2 of your checkout process.

If you are ordering for friends or family, let them know perishables are headed their way, fruit can freeze on a wintry doorstep.

We’re sorry but we cannot enclose custom gift messages with orders.

We offer a choice of ship week when you place your order. We stock each week with the number of boxes we can produce and allow you to choose a preferred ship date, until we run out of capacity for that week. We pick and pack by hand, and - weather permitting - our weekly mail order output is about 2000 lbs per week (there are a lot of Kishus in a pound).

We ship Mondays and Tuesdays only, so the fruit will have time to reach its destination before the weekend.

We'll send your tracking notice directly to the email address you supply for each order.

If you are sending fruit to someone else, make sure your billing address is selected as the  BILLING address and your recipient's mailing address is the SHIPPING address. Please check your orders for accuracy.

If you have to change an order after it has been placed, please e-mail us and we will make every effort to accommodate you. We cannot make changes after items have shipped.

Delivery Instructions: Please note that while the local couriers will do their best to honor your special delivery instructions, we cannot guarantee they’ll be accommodated and aren’t liable for any lost, stolen or damaged deliveries that result from your requests.

If you need more control over your Fedex package receiving, we recommend establishing a FedEx Delivery Manager account.

Fair warnings

We will not be responsible for order errors, nor for delivery if you give us an incorrect address.

That means no refund if you supply a bad address. Check your addresses and enter them properly.
We reserve the right to delay shipment due to weather conditions, government restrictions, shipping firms, etc.
We reserve the right to cancel orders which cannot be filled (prompt refund)
Fedex requires street addresses; we cannot ship orders to P.O. Boxes unless Fedex serves them.
We ship to the U. S. only.

Do you offer customized gift messages?
Sorry, no more. We had to choose between serving more customers and offering more services.

Credit Card Payment Options
We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. Paypal stopped working in our webstore, so we turned it off.

Please check your payment details carefully before you submit:
Did you select the right type of credit card?
Are your expiration date and 3-digit security code accurate?
Correct billing address?

If you have any problem submitting payment, please contact us at

Other Top Question: Can I buy a citrus tree from you?

We are citrus growers and we sell fruit - but no trees. We recommend you go your best local nursery and special order a tree. If that is not practical, there is a good nursery that sells mandarin trees that can be ordered online. Here's a link to Four Winds Nursery - they have an extensive Mandarin section:

Email List
Have you signed up for our email alert list? When our fruit is available, we always email our list before opening up for orders on an item.  
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