Ojai Pixie Tangerines 10 lb box

Sold out for 2020 season.


We pick and pack to order.
We ship once a week (on Mondays) so most fruit can arrive before week's end. New England shipments are arriving early the following week.
Order cutoff for Monday shipment is Sun 7am PDT.

pixie-orchard-2018-march-13-06-432.324.jpgOur certified organic Ojai Pixie tangerines are simply delicious—sweet, easy to peel, and absolutely seedless. Pixies store very well and retain excellent flavor for a remarkably long time.  

*Looking for a bigger box? Choose our 25 LB CARTON SIZE*
$53.00 per 10 lb. box + shipping
We ship FedEx Ground to the Continental United States
and Express 2-Day to Alaska and Hawaii.
Our estimated shipping rates are listed below:
CA, NV, OR: $15 (FedEx Ground/Home Delivery)
CO, ID, MT, NM, UT, WA, WY: $17 (FedEx Ground/Home Delivery)
KS, OK, TX: $19 (FedEx Ground/Home Delivery)
AR, IA, IL, LA, MN, MO, MS, NE, ND, SD, WI: $20 (FedEx Ground/Home Delivery)
ALL OTHER STATES: $21 (FedEx Ground/Home Delivery)
AK,HI: $90 (FedEx 2-day)
Sorry Arizona customers , AZ state laws forbids citrus shipments from California.


1. Because of shipping times to the Eastern U.S., we ship Monday and Tuesday only, so fruit will arrive by week's end and not risk sitting outside in freezing weather over a weekend. 

2. If you are in a state that freezes, we strongly recommend shipping to an address where someone will receive the fruit and bring it indoors; in the past we've had fruit freeze on a doorstep and cannot be responsible if it does.
BIG ORDERS: If you want to order multiple boxes and have us ship them out to a list of friends and family, you can order multiple boxes and specify multiple shipping addresses right here in our webstore.