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Heart of PIxie

1st Apr 2021

April 1

What a smashing first week we've had! Heartfelt thanks to everybody who jumped in and ordered Pixies in our first week of the 2021 season.

Our Hass avocados are ready, so we'll start shipping April 12.

We have plenty of fruit, so we expect to run our mail order for at least six more weeks this year.

Shipping note: Fedex is doing their best to keep up with the seismic shifts in their business, but packages can sometimes take an extra day or two to arrive. Watch for your Fedex notice on shipping day - Monday. Folks with complicated delivery requirements should consider signing up for Fedex Delivery Manager.

Details here: Fedex Delivery Manager FAQ

Ordering note: We’re sorry but we cannot enclose custom gift messages with orders.

Up next: The Spring Fling!

Later in April, we'll release our Spring Fling Cocktail Adventure Party Box.

Picture our tree-ripe Oro Blanco grapefruit plus Ojai Pixie tangerines. Just for fun, we added 4 Vanilla Blood Oranges. Available in small and large size.

Sail into deliciously juicy citrus spring drinks! Everything is CCOF-certified organic.