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Farmers Market Mix 9 lb box

Check back in February 2023.

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit
3 lbs of our own FUERTE AVOCADOS, 3 lbs of PAGE TANGERINES,
2 lbs of our legendary KISHU MANDARINS, & 1 lb tree-ripe seedless BEARSS LIME
in a 9 LB CARTON - all certified organic.We pick and pack to order.
$64.00 per 9 lb. box + shipping

"Farmers Market Mix Box" is not just a name - it's a very nice selection of our February-March fruit. We had good results last year offering our Berkeley Farmers Market range of citrus and avocados nationwide via our webstore, so we are offering it again.

This is small-batch farming: we'll have a total of 200 boxes this year. There a 1-box limit per customer, please.
Nine pounds of gorgeous organic fruit - direct from our grove to your door! We ship the avocados and citrus fresh picked, so the avocados will arrive still firm but half-ripe. Enjoy your citrus for a few days while your avocados become soft and ready to eat.


Farmers Market Mix box available by mail order: Fuerte avocados, Page tangors, Bearss limes, and Kishus. All certified organic and grove-direct.

We ship FedEx Express 2-Day to the Continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.
Our estimated shipping rates are listed below:
CA, NV, OR: $18 (FedEx 2-day)
ALL OTHER STATES: $21 (FedEx 2-day)
AK,HI: $21 (FedEx 2-day)
Sorry Arizona customers , AZ state laws forbids citrus shipments from California.
Seedless Kishu: This tiny heirloom mandarin, originally from China by way of Japan, is our earliest-season mandarin. Kishus are totally seedless, deliciously sweet and super-easy to peel.
Page: Deep, intense flavor which matches deep, intense rind and flesh color. Few seeds. Difficult to peel, but Page lovers cut wedges to eat or make juice. Chefs love Pages for frozen desserts because the intensity of flavor stands up to freezing and sugar. 
Bearss Lime: Yellowy-green, juicy, and seedless, tree-ripe Bearss limes are a revelation.
We allow our Bearss limes to get ripe on the tree, and the difference is astounding! Flavor, rind perfume, and juiciness abound.
Fuerte avocado: Before the Hass took over, this was the gold standard.Green-skinned, pear-shaped, rich and creamy. Harder to ship in bulk because of their thin skin, you won’t see Fuertes often in the stores. Our favorite avocado.


1. Because of shipping times to the Eastern U.S., we ship Monday and Tuesday only, so fruit will arrive by week's end and not risk sitting outside in freezing weather over a weekend. 

2. If you are in a state that freezes, we strongly recommend shipping to an address where someone will receive the fruit and bring it indoors; in the past we've had fruit freeze on a doorstep and cannot be responsible if it does.
BIG ORDERS: If you want to order multiple boxes and have us ship them out to a list of friends and family, you can order multiple boxes and specify multiple shipping addresses right here in our webstore.