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Hass Avocados Certified Organic 9 lbs

Sold out for 2021. We'll be back in stock in April 2022.

9 lbs of our own HASS AVOCADOS - certified organic


We pick and pack to order. We ship once a week (on Mondays).

We have a nice crop of organic Hass avocados this year, so we're offering a delightful seasonal treat.
9 lbs of just our Hass avocados  - no Pixies in this box!
We will ship the Hass avocados fresh picked, so the avocados will arrive still firm but half-ripe.
Wait a few days while your avocados become soft and ready to eat.
Certified organic Hass avocados straight from the grove to your table!
$63.00 per 9 lb. box + shipping
We ship FedEx Express 2-Day to the Continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.
$16.00 to all states.
 Sorry Arizona customers , AZ state laws forbids citrus shipments from California.
SHIPPING NOTES:1. Because of shipping times to the Eastern U.S., we ship Monday only, so fruit will arrive by week's end and not risk sitting outside in freezing weather over a weekend. 
2. If you are in a state that freezes, we strongly recommend shipping to an address where someone will receive the fruit and bring it indoors; in the past we've had fruit freeze on a doorstep and cannot be responsible if it does.