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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: WHY CAN'T I PLACE ADVANCE ORDERS FOR FRUIT? We've learned from experience that taking mail orders too far in advance can be expensive for us. Sometimes Nature has other plans for our crop. So we wait until we have a reasonable chance of delivering. We always email our list before opening up for orders on an item. When you see "Add to Cart" on an item that means it's available.


Jan 18 2015 - We still have a nice Kishu crop on the trees, but we can't promise that winter weather will spare our fruit beyond the orders we have taken so far.

We opened this web store for orders yesterday at 9 AM and we sold through our mail order allotment in less than 5 hours. We usually sell out fast, but this is crazy. You folks are clearly in the mood for some fruit. We thank you.

APOLOGIES TO THOSE WHO MISSED THE WINDOW: The Internet's reach and speed overwhelms our low-tech production capacity. We apologize to those of you who missed your ordering opportunity. It is our hope to have more Kishus available later in February. We'll email our alert list again in a few weeks to let you know if we're able to take orders again. We hope to be able to serve you.

Orders will be shipped in the order received. We pick and pack by hand, and our weekly mail order output is about 1500 lbs per week (there are a lot of Kishus in a pound).
Thanks everybody!

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We are very grateful to you for your continued appreciation and support of our fruit.

Jim Churchill
Lisa Brenneis
Churchill Orchard in the Ojai Valley

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