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2020 Kishu Season is here - Pixies and Hass avocados coming in March - video link


Every year is a little different. This year's Kishu mandarin crop is running a bit late. Each time we pick, we first track down the sweetest trees by testing the fruit's sugar level with a refractometer.

In this little (8-year-old) video, we demonstrate how to test for sugar levels in the field.

Personal note: Jim and Lisa both used to work for Jim's dad at Churchill Films, where we made fine quality classroom films for modest budgets and distributed them ourselves. Our little series of instructional films must be some kind of tribute to Our Founder Bob Churchill.

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View - "Sugar Hunt" videoSugar Hunt

2019 Kishu season - it's on!

January 2019We can see Kishu season from here! We've been out testing the fruit and we're happy to say it's early this year. Amazing. We will be getting underway and accepting orders in just about a week. Second week in January. Stay tuned.....

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Ojai Pixies and Hass Avocados - Certified organic and grower-direct - coming March 2018

Our dear delicious Ojai Pixies and Hass Avocados - Certified organic and grower-direct - will be open for pre-orders March 19 2018. We look forward to offering you a chance to taste the real deal.Our Pixie Party Box - 6 lbs of Pixies and 4lbs of Hass avocados, makes a beautiful spring gift.

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Kishus for California avaiable now - Organic Ojai Pixies and Avocados will ship in late March.

Kishus for California: If you would like to order Kishus to be shipped to a California address, we're ready to take orders - California customers, we hope to serve you.By serving California, the small packing crew we've been able to assemble will have more days to pack - because we aren't restricted to shipping on [...]

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Kishu status update - big rain - waiting to see if Kishus came through ok

Jan 11 - read our latest email alert here - it's been an exciting winter and we still aren't sure we have mail order fruit. http://conta.cc/2qPm1IK

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Churchill Orchard survived the fires

What a December we are having, but our small crop of Kishus and most of our Pixies survived. It's going to be a tight year all around up here. We lost half our avocado crop to the high winds that drove the Thomas fire, plus [...]

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2018 Season Forecast - Hopeful!

We're irrationally hopeful this year. Still no rain, blistering heat this summer, but we're looking at a gorgeous Kishu crop. Now fall has brought cool, a few clouds and a "free carwash" 15-minute storm. We're looking forward to harvesting these little beauties.

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2017 Kishu, Ojai Pixie and Hass Avocados!

2017 Kishu season is starting up - our first mail order fruit ships out on Jan 30. We hope for a 3-4 week mail order season. Let's hope the fruit holds as the rains continue. Mixed blessing, that rain. Actually - it's welcome.We have a nice Pixie crop on the trees and some promising Hass [...]

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2016 Season Forecast

2016 Season Forecast: Our 2016 season will begin in February with the incomparable Kishu Mandarin and then the Pixies will return in April (knock wood). Our organic Ojai Pixies are in great shape and we'll be shipping mail order fruit starting in April. Seedless Kishu Mandarin season looks very short this year.We're sorry [...]

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2015 Kishu will ship in February! Ojai Pixies in April!

We successfully defended our Kishu crop through this winter (so far), so there will be Kishu mail order season starting February 2015. Ojai Pixies will be available by mail order starting in April.Please enjoy this home video of our latest exotic experiment in cold protection - the Frost Dragon! It's kinda like a gigantic hair [...]

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