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Churchill Orchard survived the fires

27th Dec 2017

What a December we are having, but our small crop of Kishus and most of our Pixies survived. It's going to be a tight year all around up here. We lost half our avocado crop to the high … read more
2018 Season Forecast - Hopeful!

2018 Season Forecast - Hopeful!

Posted by Lisa on 19th Nov 2017

We're irrationally hopeful this year. Still no rain, blistering heat this summer, but we're looking at a gorgeous Kishu crop. Now fall has brought cool, a few clouds and a "free carwash" 15-minute sto … read more

2017 Kishu, Ojai Pixie and Hass Avocados!

16th Jan 2017

2017 Kishu season is starting up - our first mail order fruit ships out on Jan 30. We hope for a 3-4 week mail order season. Let's hope the fruit holds as the rains continue. Mixed blessing, that rain … read more

2016 Season Forecast

11th Nov 2015

2016 Season Forecast: Our 2016 season will begin in February with the incomparable Kishu Mandarin and then the Pixies will return in April (knock wood). Our organic Ojai Pixies are in great sha … read more